From reality to fantasy

The baseball season is just getting started, and the reality is that we don’t know anything about where the 30 MLB teams will wind up. Four of the six teams leading their respective divisions today didn’t make the playoffs last year.

The fantasy season is also just getting started. Fantasy baseball is a game within the game. Players manage rosters of MLB players online, using fictional team names. Scores are determined based on baseball statistics.

In fantasy baseball, there are season-long leagues, keeper leagues and dynasty leagues. The most popular format is season-long leagues, where managers draft their teams at the beginning of the year and then manage them.

I have three fantasy teams right now. There are 25 players on each team, and there are no duplications on any of my teams. Just like in investing, the more diversified you are, the better off you fare. That’s my opinion.

There is another form of fantasy baseball which is also popular. Its daily fantasy baseball. I like both season-long fantasy baseball and daily fantasy baseball (DFS). But you need to know they are very different.

In the season-long version, you spend time pouring over player stats in preparation for the draft. When draft day arrives, you meticulously filled your roster with hitters and pitchers. When a player gets hurt, you are stuck.

That’s why more people are playing daily fantasy baseball. In fact, it has become one of the hottest trends in fantasy sports, largely because it’s fast, easy and gives you a chance to start over every day with a new team.

NEXT: Strategies for both fantasy games.

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