This outcome may ‘suit’ you

Just when I thought I’d heard it all in the world of sports comes the report that there’s a new lawsuit on the docket at the Civil District Court for Orleans Parish to reverse the results of the New Orleans Saints’ 26-23 loss to the Los Angeles Rams last Sunday.

The lawsuit, filed the Saints fans, is related to the controversial no-call came in the fourth quarter with the score tied 20-20 and less than two minutes remaining in regulation. Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman appeared to commit pass interference.

If the penalty flag had been thrown, the Saints would have had the ball first-and-goal inside the 5-yard line. Saints fans are convinced the Saints would have run down the clock kick the winning field goal, or even scored a touchdown in the final minute.

Instead, the Saints kicked a 31-yard field goal to take a 3-point lead. The Rams then drove down the field, and kicker Greg Zuerlein sent the game into overtime with a 57-yard field goal. Los Angeles won the game in overtime on another Zuerlein field goal.

So, here’s the question. What happens if the fans’ lawsuit is successful, and the court orders the game to be replayed? By the time the case has wound its way through the courts and has been appealed, its summer. So, what will the NFL commissioner do?

Imagine if you will Roger Goodell ordering the game to be replayed because of the bad call. The Rams’ (or New England Patriots’) parade is history. The Lombardi trophy is seized from the the champions and held under lock and key for two more weeks.

Meanwhile, the Rams and Saints players, who are back in training camp and preparing for the 2019 season, reunite in New Orleans to replay the game. This time, the Saints win fair and square, and now the Patriots fly to Atlanta to player a second Super Bowl LIII.

But wait. Tom Brady announced his retirement months ago and is on a cruise somewhere in Europe. Brian Hoyer takes over at the helm in Super Bowl LIII, Part 2. Without Brady, the Saints easily win their second Super Bowl title. Now, the Patriots sue.

The Super Bowl LIII battle continues in court for seven more years, and finally the Supreme Court rules for the Patriots. Super Bowl LIII is played for a third time. Brady, 49, comes out of retirement to become lead the oldest NFL player in history. It could happen.

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