Weird ride to the semifinals

I woke up this morning in the semifinals, still alive to defend my fantasy football title in the Negative Equity League. It’s a tougher league this year, and it’s also been a winding and weird road to the Semifinals.

It’s been well chronicled in this column that I lost Le’Veon Bell, my No 1 draft pick, to the god of greed. I picked up James Conner, traded him before I realized how good he was, and got him back a few weeks ago.

I traded Ron Gronkowski back in September for Jordan Howard, Trey Burton and DeSean Jackson. It seemed I was right about Gronk, who was having his worst year until Sunday when he exploded for 24.7 fantasy points.

On October 26, I traded Howard and Sterling Shepherd for Amari Cooper and Wendell Smallwood. This trade has paid huge dividends, with Cooper scoring more than 100 fantasy points in his last three games.

Now here I am, just two wins away from another championship. But I’ve got to beat the No. 2 and (probably) the No. 1 seed – my own son. Nathan’s team is 11-2 and has already beaten me in the regular season.

So, I did what I always do on a Tuesday morning during the fantasy football season. I poured a cup of coffee and started searching the waiver wire. Russell Wilson was there. It’s amazing what you can find.

I put in a claim for Wilson (may not get him) and a couple of tight ends. I’ve been scrambling to find tight ends since I traded Gronk. I got George Kittle off the waiver wire but traded him for Phillip Lindsay.

Lindsay and Aaron Jones, another player I got off the waiver wire, have been a godsend. Keenan Allen, who I traded for early when his stock was down, has also helped out. I guess I’ll just see where this weird road takes me.



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