Benching David Johnson

The fantasy football playoffs start this week, and if you’re still alive – congratulations. Your accomplishment is noteworthy, but now the real season begins. As the defending champion in my league, I hope to repeat last year’s magic.

If you’ve been reading and following the advice of all of the pundits out there, it may have helped you get to the playoffs. It will not help you win them. You’re now playing against the best teams, and free advice won’t cut it.

Trust your gut. Let me give you a real-life example from  my own situation. My defeat last week dropped me back into the No. 3 seed in my league, and I am facing a No. 6 seed that beat me by sixty points in our regular-season meeting.

I feel like I have improved my team since that drubbing in week 6, but then I found out yesterday that I lost James Conner (probably for the season). Steeler running backs are going to be my death – unless they prove to be my key to success.

What am I talking about? Le’Veon Bell was my No. 1 draft pick, and he was a no-show, so I picked up Conner. Now, Conner is out, and I just picked up Jaylen Samuels this morning from the waiver wire. I’m going to start this unknown player.

Samuels entered the game after Conner injured his ankle during the fourth quarter . The rookie runner hauled in a 10-yard touchdown, which momentarily tied the game at 30 apiece Sunday night against the Chargers.

You might be thinking it’s no big deal to start another Steelers running back, but there is no track record on this guy. Keep in mind that I also have Philip Lindsay, Aaron Jones and David Johnson on my roster.

Who would I bench to start Samuels? David Johnson. I am going to bench the No. 3 overall pick in the fantasy draft for a third-string running back. When the smoke clears on Sunday, I will be a genius, or an idiot.

The Cardinals rushed for 182 yards overall against Green Bay on Sunday. Johnson led the way with 69 yards on 20 carries, but rookie Chase Edmonds had 53 yards and two touchdowns on five runs. That’s 20.6 fantasy points to 8.2 for Johnson.

The Lions, the Cardinals’ opponent,  have been tough against the run in the last several weeks. Arizona is going to have to pass the ball Sunday, and when they’re not passing, they may be putting the ball in Edmonds’ hands instead of Johnson’s.


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