Bell: A tale of American greed

Le’Veon Bell had until 4 p.m. ET today to report to the Steelers if he was going to play football this season. That didn’t happen, and it should surprise no one. Bell cares about no one except himself. He clearly doesn’t care about his team, or the Pittsburgh fans.

Look for Bell to be featured soon on an episode of American Greed, the popular CNBC television show that dissects the dark side of the American Dream. It has been reported that Bell turned down an offer from the Steelers worth $70 million over five years.

Bell could have earned $14.5 million if he had played this season under the franchise tag. Bell’s agent said he held out to protect his health. Clearly the long-term contract he wants will not come from the Steelers. Will any team be foolish enough to pay him that much?

Bell has been exposed as more than just a narcissist. James Conner, a previously unknown running back from the University of Pittsburgh, has proven that Bell’s success with the Steelers was largely a result of the team’s offensive line and a winning system.

Conner stepped into Bell’s place in the lineup in the first week of the season and has dominated. Through ten games, he’s third in rushing yards and is ninth most targeted. Fantasy PPR statistics reveal he’s the third-best back, averaging 24.8 points per game.

Le’Veon Bell was the second-best running back last year, and he averaged 22.8 points per game. I’m not saying Bell isn’t a good running back. He’s good, but NFL teams must now wonder if he’s worth anywhere near as much money as he thinks he’s worth.


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