I’m playing the long game

Eleven days ago, I looked at my fantasy football team and concluded that I did not have the players to win a championship. A lot has changed in 11 days. Since that time, I have traded four players and dropped four.

Big-name newbies to Team Revenant are Keenan Allen, DeAndre Hopkins, Allen Robinson, Leonard Fournette and Russell Wilson. Others additions include Alex Collins, kicker Matt Prater and the Panther defense.

Do I now have a team that can win a championship? Maybe. I’ve been able to upgrade my wide receiver corps with Allen and Hopkins. Fournette, who is out this week with a hamstring injury, could help in the future.

If everyone gets healthy in the next few weeks, I should be in good shape. But that’s a big if. Fournette is out and expected to miss at least a couple of weeks. Hopkins and Collins are both listed as questionable this week.

I’m playing another 3-1 team this week. I have four Chicago Bears players on my team, and this is a bye week for Chicago. That means, I’m thin and won’t even have two running backs to start if Collins is scratched.

The reality is that I will probably lose this game and slip to 3-2. But I’m playing the long game. My only goal is to win enough games to get into the playoffs, which start week 14. It’s the playoffs that determine the champion.


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