Anatomy of a blockbuster trade

When you last heard from me, I told you about my decision to trade my best player – Rob Gronkowski – and why. This was not an easy decision. This was a three-player deal, and the player I got in return was Jordan Howard. Gronk for Howard?

Not exactly. I also received DeSean Jackson, who has compiled ridiculous stats in the first two games. Jackson has only been targeted with six vertical passes in two games, but he caught all six of those passes for 249 yards and three touchdowns.

I know what you’re thinking – it can’t continue. Numbers matter in fantasy football. There’s no denying that. Passing yards and TDs are measured in numbers. Fantasy points are measured in numbers, too. Jackson has averaged 27.3 points per game.

The Tampa Bay receiver is going to return to earth, but Jackson is the epitome of a high-ceiling player. Most people aren’t taking him seriously, but what if he could average 17 points per game for the next 14 weeks. Would you like that guy in your starting lineup?

I also traded away in the trade are running back Alex Collins and Sammy Watkins. I drafted Collins in the fifth round, but he has done poorly. Watkins had one terrible game and one good game last week, but he doesn’t have as high a ceiling as Jackson.

The other player that I received in the trade was Trey Burton, and he’s almost not worth mentioning. My trading partner drafted him in the 13thround, and he’s ranked eight by most. He did get 12.2 points last week, but he needs to prove he’s worth keeping.

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