Trader should buy low, sell high

A couple of weeks ago, I told you that trading players is like trading stocks – you want to trade for an appreciating asset and dump a depreciating one. Another way to put it is buy low, sell high. I have two real-life examples involving two trades I have made.

The first trade was made on Tuesday. I didn’t say anything about it here because it was during a 48-hour period that I like to call the “due diligence” window. In our league, a majority of teams can vote to kill a trade. I don’t know who’s reading my blog.

I traded Christian McCaffrey for David Johnson. I made the trade offer at a time when the former’s stock may be peaking. McCaffrey caught 14 catches in last Sunday’s game to tie an NFL record. He also carried the ball eight times on his way to 27.9 fantasy points.

While McCaffrey was making history, David Johnson was hitting a new low, with 6.1 fantasy points as his Cardinal team went down to a humiliating 34-0 loss to the Rams. Don’t get me wrong – the Cardinals are bad right now, but Johnson isn’t that bad.

That trade might not sound crazy to you because Johnson was a top four picks in every league three weeks ago. But the second trade I made today will make you question my sanity. In fact, you might be calling for the men in the white coats to come and get me.

I traded Chris Hogan for LeSean McCoy. You may recall that I tried to trade for McCoy  after his first game, when he racked up 3.1 fantasy points. I was turned down. McCoy had a better game last week, but he’s injured now and still playing for the pitiful Bills.

Meanwhile, Hogan is coming off a great game where he caught two touchdown passes and accumulated 19.2 fantasy points. Why would I want to trade Tom Brady’s favorite red-zone target? Hogan only caught three balls in the game, after one in his first game.




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