The art of the deal

Yesterday, I told you why I picked up T.J. Yeldon off the waiver wire and finished up by telling you about the trade offer I made for Leonard Fournette. I offered my starting quarterback, Andrew Luck, for the injured Fournette. Here’s why I made the offer.

Fournette was drafted 16thin my league, but I believe he’s better than that. Every GM is looking for is a “bell cow” running back. This is an every-down player who is the clear RB1 (Todd Gurley), as compared to a player who splits time (New England backfield).

The most valuable asset in fantasy football is a true three-down plus goal-line running back. Players who have this role pile up massive fantasy points. Like most years, the players that fit this description in 2018 are few, but Fournette is surely one of them.

I have Christian McCaffrey as my current RB1, but he’s not a bell cow. His coach promised he would be, but McCaffrey carried the ball 10 times last Sunday. A bell cow should carry the ball at least 20 times per game and also have 6-10 receptions.

Normally, a GM in his right mind wouldn’t consider my trade offer. But I am hopeful because I can tell from my opponent’s roster that he’s not a pro. Second, he has two quarterbacks (Aaron Rodgers and Carson Wentz), and neither may play on Sunday.

What’s the third reason? Fournette has a history of injuries that has limited him. If my opponent was more experienced, he would have picked up Yeldon (Fournette’s handcuff) before I did. But he didn’t, and now he has an injured star player.

As I’ve said, you want to buy low (when a player is hurt, or performing poorly) and sell high (when your guy is putting up big numbers.) Luck had 19.5 fantasy points last week in his return to the NFL. He’s been a top-five quarterback in the past.

Look at the roster of each team in your league, and see what their need is. Try and meet that need – ideally with someone you can live without. I hate to give up Andrew Luck, but I have Jiimmy Garoppolo on my bench and there are other QBs on the waiver wire.



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