I’m still wheeling and dealing

The urban dictionary defines wheeling and dealing as “the art of hustling – particularly in a rushed, or busy fashion.” I started wheeling and dealing when I found out last week that Le’Veon Bell was not going to report to the Steelers. I haven’t stopped.

Yesterday, I talked about putting on the head coach. While this is important, your head coach job is never going to be as important as your job as your fantasy football team’s general manager. Your performance in this role will determine your destiny.

Late yesterday, I picked up T.J. Yeldon off the waiver wire. You might be wondering who is he? Yeldon is the backup, or handcuff, for Jacksonville running back Leonard Fournette. Yeldon is like James Connor, who had never been heard until Bell went MIA.

Yeldon assumed a featured role when once Fournette exited Sunday’s game with a hamstring injury. He rushed 14 times for 51 yards and nabbed 3-of-7 targets for 18 yards and a touchdown. If Fournette is still out this week, Yeldon becomes very valuable.

I acquired Yeldon because I think Fournette will stay on the bench on Sunday. If Fournette plays, Yeldon’s will instantly lose value. Does that sound like a gamble? It is, but I feel I must take a risk to win this week and ultimately make the playoffs.

FYI, I am also attempting to acquire Fournette, which would reduce the Yeldon risk. I offered Fournette’s owner my starting quarterback, Andrew Luck. Luck may be a top five quarterback this year, but Fournette is currently ranked No. 9 overall.



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