Put on that head coach’s hat

Since the fantasy football season started in July, you’ve been wearing your general manager hat. I said July because if your season started on draft night, you are behind the power curve. The first time you put on the head coach’s hat was when you set the lineup.

As the team’s general manager, you were looking for players to draft. That might have started in July, or even earlier for me. Your job as team talent scout never ends until the season ends, but your job as head coach happens weekly when you decide who will start.

The head coach job is not important as the GM job. But what if you had James Connor on your team last week but didn’t trust him enough to start him since he was just a handcuff for Le’Veon Bell? Connor scored 34.2 fantasy points, and none of them counted for you.

You’d better put on your head coach’s hat sometime before the games start each week and decide who you’re going to start. Sometimes, it’s easy. You’re going to start Todd Gurley, or Antonio Brown, every week. But more often than not, it’s not that easy.

You make the tough decisions by looking at each player on your roster and the respective matchups. How good is the defense he’s up against? If he’s a running back, how good is that defense against the rush? If he’s a wideout, how good is that team’s secondary?

I’m just touching the surface. You also must consider how healthy each player is that week. Is the player listed as doubtful? You probably shouldn’t start him. Is the player listed as questionable? You better be careful. A questionable player may be a late scratch.


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