Formula for a championship

Le’Veon has dominated the news and I have given him a lot of attention in this blog. Yesterday, I told you that I was going to turn the page, and I meant it. I’m heading into my first week with a lineup that looks much weaker without my top two draft picks.

Bell and Devante Adams are gone in the trade I described yesterday, and I’m moving on with the players I have. My matchups look bad this week, and I’m prepared to lose my opener. But I’ve got 12 more games after this, and my goal is to make the playoffs.

I’ve been down this road before. Last year, I also lost the No. 1 pick in the draft, David Johnson, to an injury in the first quarter of his first game. My starting quarterback, Andrew Luck, never played a down. I was 0-4 after four weeks, but I didn’t give up.

Then things began to turn around. I won eight straight games and was in first place in my division. I lost the last regular season game of the year but earned a bye in the playoffs. After a week off, I won two playoff games and was champion of my league.

The formula for winning a championship is to not give up. What happened to me and every Le’Veon Bell owner this year was a setback. But you can never give up. Grind it out every week, always looking to improve your team with a trade, or the waiver wire.

I have stressed the importance of working the waiver wire repeatedly. To be a successful fantasy player (football or baseball), you must work the wire. I have been working the wire all week, and I have already added four players before playing my first game.

Tomorrow: Trading players just like trading stocks.


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