Draft night full of thrills, chills

Last night was draft night, and it was full of thrills and chills for me. The big chill was when the mobile app didn’t work, and I was scrambling to find a way to draft my team. Since I was at my son’s house, I had to beg my daughter-in-law to borrow her laptop.

Auto draft had already selected Le’Veon Bell for me while I was scrambling. Fortunately, I had almost 30 minutes between my first and second pick, and I was able to take it off automatic pilot by the time round two rolled around. Others weren’t so fortunate.

It’s not that auto pick is the end of the world. ESPN will draft a good team for you, and this happened for other players who were stuck in their wireless worlds and unable to participate. But I would have been disappointed to miss out on drafting my own team.

I had the 20th and 21st picks, and I selected Devante Adams and Rob Gronkowski, as planned. There was another long break in the action for me until the 40th pick in the draft. I was prepared to draft Jarvis Landry, but he was gone. So, I took Golden Tate.

I was back on script for the 41st pick with Alex Collins. Then, another long break until it was time to resume drafting. My 60th pick was Corey Davis, and I started the seventh round with Marquise Goodwin. Except for Tate, things were unfolding the way I planned.

It was a bit surprising to find Carlos Hyde still available at the end of the 8th round. I took him and followed immediately with Andrew Luck. The beginning of the 9th round was going to be my last chance to get Luck, so I took my starting quarterback here.

I was really pleased with my 10th round pick – Kerryon Johnson. He’s had a great camp, and I believe he will surprise folks in Detroit. Julian Edelman was my 11th round pick. Although he is suspended for the first four games, he has upside when he returns.

Rookie wide receiver Michael Gallup was my 12th round pick, and Marlon Mack was my selection in the 13th round. I completed the draft with the Chicago defense in round 14 and kicker Robbie Gould in the 15th round. Overall, I was very pleased with my draft.

Tomorrow: Why I hit the waiver wire early.

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