Final draft prep, part 4

If your fantasy football draft hasn’t happened yet, you should be in the final stages of prep work. For me, this means reviewing the rankings and looking at my tentative plan for drafting. Knowing my draft position helps me in the planning process.

I have told you that drafting a quarterback is not a priority because there are plenty of good quarterbacks out there. However, you need to plan on drafting one, maybe two, quarterbacks somewhere in the draft. You should know which round.

The other thing that you need to know is which rounds you will draft you defense/special  teams and kicker. For me, I will draft my defense in the 14th round and my kicker in the 15th round. These are not huge priorities for me, but I still have a plan.

Today, some news broker that is significant and may change the team that I draft for defense/special teams. By the time I draft my defense, Jacksonville, Philadelphia and other top defenses will be gone. But one defense just got better. Did you hear?

The Bears have acquired Khalil Mack, the two-time All-Pro pass rusher, in a trade with the Raiders. This news broker Saturday morning, and it’s a big deal. Mack is regarded as one of the top five defensive players in the NFL. The Bears “D” just got better.

As I’ve said before, news is important, and you should be checking the sports wire every day for news about players (or defenses) that you might be interested in drafting. Ignorance is no excuse, and you could pay the price for not knowing.

Tomorrow: Draft day is here for me.

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