Tips on fantasy sleepers, part 5

The last part of our five-part series on sleepers will focus on the tight ends that you will want to consider drafting. There are two possible approaches, and the approach may depend on your draft position.

I wouldn’t fault you if you drafted Rob Gronkowski. Gronkowski is one of the few tight ends you can put down in marker that he’ll see 100-plus targets if healthy, and he just happens to play with one Tom Brady.

The fact is, I may draft Gronkowski at the beginning of the third round. But I may not. If I get the No. 1 draft pick, I will be selection the 21stpick in the draft like I did last year. Gronk is expected to go No. 21, so gimme.

If I don’t get Gronk, I plan to wait as late as the 14thround to draft a tight end. Why? Because I will want to focus on getting my running backs and wide receivers. I believe there are still good tight ends available later.

David Njoku, ADP 103, was drafted No. 1 by the Browns. George Kittle, ADP 129, is promising with the 49ers. But the real sleeper is Austin Seferian-Jenkins, ADP 179. If you don’t draft him, he may not be drafted.

ASJ, as we’ll call him, signed with the Jaguars as a free agent. Word is that he has become one of quarterback Blake Bortles favorite targets. It’s no wonder since Jacksonville doesn’t have many great receivers.

How about this strategy? Draft your best running backs and wide receivers in the early rounds, pick up a quarterback in the 12th, or 13thround, and then grab ASJ in the 14th. I think I just talked myself into it.

Tomorrow: Final countdown to draft day.


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