Tips on fantasy sleepers, part 4

The fourth part of our five-part series on sleepers will focus on quarterbacks. As I have said previously, there are so many good quarterbacks that you should never spend an early pick on a quarterback. Wait until late.

In keeping with definition of sleepers, no quarterback with an ADP of less than 100 will be discussed. Philip Rivers is the first QB, with a 101 ADP. Rivers has finished as a top-12 quarterback in eight of the last 10 seasons.

I’ll skip over Jared Goff and Matt Ryan at 105 and 106 respectively.  Patrick Mahomes is next at 117, and he’s interesting.There is plenty of hype surrounding Mahomes, but the Chiefs did trade Alex Smith to go “all in” on Mahomes.

Next in line is Dak Prescott, and he’s also interested. He has a great offensive line, but one thing worries me – he doesn’t have any proven receivers on the other end of his passes. Prescott can run, and he will score some TDs.

Alex Smith is ranked 130, and I love him. Since 2011, Smith has thrown 132 touchdowns compared to just 43 interceptions. In that period, there are just two quarterbacks who have a better TD:INT ratio – Rodgers and Brady.

In conclusion, I think the best quarterback for his value is Smith. However, I also like the upside of the guy that replaced Smith – Mahomes. Perhaps, an even safer play is Rivers, but he ranked higher. You decide who you like best.

Tomorrow: Tips on fantasy sleepers, part 5.






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