Drafting a winning team, part 10

Yesterday, I advised you to avoid making the rookie mistake of putting too much value on a starting quarterback. There are a lot of good quarterbacks, and you can draft one in the later rounds. Let someone else have Aaron Rodgers, or Tom Brady in the fourth round.

In the early rounds of  your fantasy football draft, you should be focused on getting running backs, wide receivers and a good tight end. Top tight ends like Rob Gronkowski, and Travis Kielce are not plentiful, and drafting one of them in the third round is okay.

When I say it’s okay, what I mean is that it’s not the end of the world if you don’t get Gronk or Kelce. Zach Ertz is supposed to be available early in the fourth round. If you don’t get him, there will be others tight ends to draft in the latter rounds. Don’t panic.

The first couple of rounds are relatively easy. There are good (very good) running backs and wide receivers available, and everyone will be vying for the same people. But by round three, it will change. This is where you can hit a home run with the right pick.

What I mean is you might draft your RB1 or WR1 in one of the middle rounds. Last year, Kareem Hunt was drafted in the third round of the NFL draft and the fantasy draft. He led the league in rushing yards and was the No. 3 running back in fantasy football.

Tomorrow: Drafting a winning team, part 11


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