Drafting a winning team, part 9

Yesterday, I told you why I wouldn’t be drafting Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson. Tom Brady, or Russell Wilson on my fantasy team. It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t like to have any of the top four quarterbacks on my fantasy team. I’m simply not willing to pay the price.

Consider the law of supply and demand. The law defines the effect that the availability of a particular product and the desire (or demand) for that product has on its price. There are 32 starting NFL quarterbacks but only a fraction of those demanded in your league.

Aaron Rodgers is currently No. 31 on the ADP list. Deshaun Watson is No. 41, Tom Brady is No. 53 and Russell Wilson is No. 60. I don’t want to take a quarterback in the early rounds of the draft because there is a large supply, and the difference isn’t that much.

Tom Brady averaged 18.5 fantasy points last year. Why should I get him in the sixth round, when I can get Kirk Cousins, who averaged 17.4 points, in the ninth? Matthew Stafford, who averaged 17.1 points, is projected to go late in the 10th in a 10-team draft.

But what if I waited even later? Philip Rivers, who averaged 16.9 points, is projected to go near the end of the 11thround. And Alex Smith, who averaged 18.4 points, isn’t supposed to be draft until as late as the 14th, or 15thround. There are a lot of good quarterbacks.

Tomorrow: Drafting a winning team, part ten.


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