Drafting a winning team, part 8

In the past few days, I have stressed the importance of having a plan heading into your fantasy football draft day. But your plan will change. When Mike Tyson was asked whether he was worried about his opponent’s fight plan, the heavyweight champion answered, “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

You’re going to get punched in the mouth as the draft unfolds. Keep in mind that you only have 90 seconds to select a player when it is your turn to draft. You may have planned on getting Aaron Rodgers in the fourth round, and then someone selects him in the third round. Now what are you going to do? You had better have a Plan B.

Speaking of Aaron Rodgers, I can tell you he’s the top ranked quarterback by all the fantasy pundits. I can also tell you that he won’t be on my fantasy team. Why? Because someone is going to draft him before I would. Don’t get me wrong. I’m an Aaron Rodgers fan, but I’m not going to spend third round draft pick to get Rodgers on my team.

Rodgers, and some other top quarterbacks, are moving up in the ADP rankings. If you don’t know about the ADP rankings, ADP stands for Average Draft Position, and it’s a list of NFL players ordered by their average position taken in fantasy football drafts. The average value of their draft position is taken over a range of many drafts.

This morning, Rodgers was No. 30 on the list. That’s the end of round three in a 10-team league. Deshaun Watson has moved up to No. 45, Russell Wilson is No. 53, and Tom Brady is No. 56. While I would be glad to have any one of these quarterbacks on my team, I’m simply not willing to pay the price. I’ll tell you why tomorrow.

Tomorrow: Drafting a winning team, part nine.



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