Drafting a winning team, part 5

Yesterday, I told you about handcuffs in fantasy football. A handcuff is where you draft the backup player for your star player in a later round. The idea is that you’re taking out an insurance policy on the star player, and if the star player gets hurt, your backup steps in and gets his share of the workload.

In my opinion, handcuffing is done too much. First, you don’t want to handcuff anyone but a star. Second, you don’t want to handcuff unless you know the backup is going to get most of the injured player’s touches. In the case of Alvin Kamara, I know Mark Ingram will fill the bill if Kamara is injured.

Ingram has been suspended for four games, but even if he misses those games (he is appealing the suspension), I will still have him for the last nine games of the regular season. Ingram is a strong player in his own right, averaging 17.6 points per game (ppg)  last year even with Kamara playing.

Another good handcuff is C.J. Anderson if you draft Christian McCaffrey. Carolina traded for Anderson because they needed a replacement for Jonathan Stewart, who was the 19th-ranked back last year as McCaffrey’s backup. I think Anderson is as good as Stewart, I’ll try and get him if I draft McCaffrey.

If you plan to draft a handcuff, you should check and see where the handcuff is expected to be drafted before draft night. Then get him a round earlier. For instance, a mock draft has I Ingram being taken in the sixth round, so I will need to draft him in the fifth round to maximize my chances of getting him.

Tomorrow: Drafting a winning team, part six

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