Drafting a winning team, part 3

The last two days have focused on the importance of the first round of the draft. This is your most important pick. However, you must know that your first-round draft pick will not determine whether you come out on top in your league at the end of the fantasy football season. I speak from experience.

Last year, I selected David Johnson in the first round. I was given the first pick in the draft, and Johnson was the considered the best player, so I took him. Then,  in the first quarter of the first game, Johnson broke his hand and was lost for the season. My second-best back, Ty Montgomery, was injured a few weeks later.

I was reeling. What followed was four straight losses, and it looked like my first fantasy season was a bust. I noticed one of the teams in my league had lost his only tight end, so I traded my tight end, Charles Clay, for Mark Ingram, the New Orleans Saints running back. Then, the Saints traded Adrian Peterson.

Then, I made a trade offer to my son, Nathan. His team was deep in running backs but needed a wide receiver. I was deep in wide receivers and needed another running back. My offer was to send him Keenan Allen of the LA Chargers for Alvin Kamara, the rookie who had taken Peterson’s place in the Saints backfield.

The Allen-Kamara trade was a win-win situation. Both Nathan and I benefitted from the trade. Allen had a great  season, averaging 17.8 fantasy points per game. But Kamara was even better, averaging 20.0. Suffice it to say that Kamara and Ingram, who averaged more than 17 points per game, were the key to my league championship.

Tomorrow: Drafting a winning team, part four.

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