Are you ready for some football?

We’re at the All-Star break, and NFL training camps begin opening today. So, I’m going to turn my attention to the upcoming football season – from a fantasy perspective. You may be a beginner. If so, you’re right where I was a year ago, when my son invited me to play in his fantasy football league.

Don’t get me wrong. Winning the league championship was my goal – even in my first year of fantasy football. But I started out knowing nothing, and I had to learn the hard way (and overcome a lot of adversity). At the end of the season, I was the champion of the Negative Equity League.

I played in the ESPN league, and there was plenty of online support for me to grow in my knowledge of fantasy football. The 2017 season snuck up on me, and I was not ready for the draft. No problem. If you don’t know enough, or don’t care to draft your team, the ESPN computer will do it for you.

Frankly, I missed out by not doing my homework ahead of time and drafting my own team. I’m not saying I would have drafted a better team than ESPN. What I am saying is that I missed out on a lot of fun, doing the research and learning about the fantasy game and the NFL players about to suit up.

This year, I am looking forward to drafting my team. That doesn’t mean I don’t think the waiver wire will be my key to success. I have been beating my readers over the head with this important truth in fantasy baseball, and it’s no less true in football. But I don’t want to miss the fun of preparing for the new season.

Tomorrow: How to play fantasy football (and win).

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