Evaluating free agents, part 3

In evaluating a free-agent acquisition yesterday, I was explaining my rationale in picking up Stephen Piscotty and dropping Nomar Mazara, who actually has better season numbers. The main point I was trying to make yesterday was that you must consider the trend, or trajectory, for a player.

Another important point to consider is where you need help. I have a solid hitting team, first in runs scored, RBI and batting average. I’m second in home runs, but I haven’t seen much of the long ball recently. Piscotty has 11 homers for the season but seven in the last 30 days. He’s appears to have turned things around.

This lead me to the point for today’s blog. You must constantly look at your team and see where the greatest need is and then see what free agents are likely to help you meet that need. Frankly, my greatest need right now is in pitching, where I started the day fourth in strikeouts, wins and saves, eight in ERA and eighth in WHIP.

My greatest opportunities for improvement as we enter the final seven weeks of the Roto season is in the category of wins. While I’m in fourth place, I am only one win behind third and only two wins behind second place. So, I’m carrying seven starters on my roster, and I’m pushing hard for as many wins as I can get.

Fantasy baseball (and football) is a numbers game. But more than that, it’s a game of strategy. You should always be looking at your team and asking, “What strategic move can I make today to improve my team?” If you’re in need of hitters, focus on hitters. If you’re in need of pitchers, focus on pitchers.

Tomorrow: Statistical proof the waiver wire is critical to your success.

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