Waiver Wire key to your success

Yesterday, I told you how important the waiver wire is to your success in fantasy sports. Last year, my No. 1 pick – the top pick in fantasy football – was running back David Johnson. He was injured in the first quarter of the first game and was lost for the year. My starting quarterback, Andrew Luck, never played a down last season. I was sucking wind, so I started working the waiver wire.

Who did I find on the waiver wire? Alvin Kamara, the Saints super rookie. I had traded for Mark Ingram, so I picked up Kamara only as an Ingram handcuff. In other words, if Ingram got hurt, Kamara would be the main guy. I then proceeded to drop him. Later, I had to trade Keenan Allen to acquire him. If I had been smart, I would have just kept Kamara after I got him off the waiver wire.

Who else did I find on the waiver wire? Quarterback Carson Wentz. I hitched my wagon to the rising star in Philadelphia and the rising star in New Orleans, and the the pair propelled me to my first fantasy football championship in my first season. I repeat. The waiver wire is the key to your success in fantasy football and fantasy baseball. You should be looking at the waiver wire every day.

Today, I acquired Phillies starting pitcher Zach Eflin off the wire. He caught my eye with a 21.8 percent increase in ownership. This is an important statistic to watch. If someone’s ownership percentage increases dramatically, that a signal to note. Elfin is 7-2, with 63 strikeouts a 2.97 ERA and 1.08 WHIP. He’s also starting today against the anemic Mets, which makes him look even better to me.



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