It’s not football season yet

I know you football fans are desperate – especially fantasy football fans. But it’s only July 8th, and the first NFL camp doesn’t open until July 16. So, I’m going to write about baseball. If you’re in a Rotisserie, or “‘Roto” league, what I’m going to say is relevant to you.

Roto is the most common way to play fantasy baseball. In this scoring format, teams are ranked from first to last in each of 10 statistical category. Points are then awarded according to the order in each category and totaled to determine an overall score and league rank.

I joined my first Roto league this year, and I started out in last place and worked my way up to first. How are you doing? If you’re in the top tier at this date, I am sure you have a chance to win, so don’t give up. If you’re ahead, don’t get complacent. Keep your head in the game.

The key to success in fantasy baseball is the waiver wire. For instance, I picked up Justin Turner, the Dodgers third baseman, today (again). I’ve owned him and dropped a couple of times. He’s 89 percent owned in all leagues. I picked him up because one of my third basemen – Nick Castellanos, is injured.

The Roto season at ESPN ends on August 31st. Keep working the waiver wire. Don’t give up.


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